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eSmart Schools supports educators to build a culture of safe and responsible technology use within their school community, to enable their students to thrive as empowered positive digital citizens.

And here's the best part – it's free for all schools in Victoria. Our program is designed to support you in guiding students to thrive online while ensuring you can do your best possible work.

Supporting student growth

eSmart Schools provides curriculum-aligned digital and media literacy activities, supporting students to become positive digital citizens.

It embeds behaviours around using the internet responsibly, respecting others, and contributing positively to the online community.

eSmart Schools involves practising good online etiquette, protecting personal information, and promoting a safe and respectful digital environment for all.

How eSmart Schools is changing

We've been collaborating with Victorian schools since 2011, helping educators and students to successfully navigate the digital landscape.

To ensure we remain at the forefront, we've recently undergone a two-year review in consultation with various stakeholders, resulting in exciting updates to our eSmart Schools program

Using the eSmart Schools portal, schools will be able to create an eSmart Commitment Plan by selecting focus areas from two new units and then have the option of working with an expert advisor to support the implementation of their Commitment Plan.

Schools will also have access to resources designed for school staff, students, families and community members, which can be used to support the implementation of the eSmart Commitment Plan or be used as stand-alone activities.

From January 2024, eSmart Schools contains two units:

Unit 1: Positive Digital Cultures

By integrating digital citizenship into the school's culture and operations, we can create an environment where students can flourish online.

Unit 2: Positive Digital Practices

Fostering the development of digital citizenship through teaching and learning.

Inside the eSmart Schools Portal, educators will discover:

School-led resources and planning

Schools can choose their eSmart journey based on their specific community needs, by selecting actions that are supported by resources and lessons that suit their requirements, or setting a plan that can be used to deliver and evaluate needs-based outcomes.

Whole school approach

Support in creating a culture that promotes the positive use of digital technology, aligning digital citizenship practices across the school and home, and into the community.

Ongoing support

eSmart Schools Advisors can assist in identifying your school's needs and developing a bespoke plan. Our eSmart Schools Advisors guide you at every step to help achieve and maintain your school's commitment to online safety and positive digital citizenship.

eSmart Schools is aligned to the eSafety Commissioner's Best Practice Framework for Online Safety Education, providing you with a solid foundation for success. It provides alignment with Australian Curriculum General Capabilities and the Victorian Curriculum, enhancing your students' educational journey.

Information for Victorian schools

All Victorian schools can access the eSmart Schools portal, including support from expert advisors at no cost.

As of January 2024, all schools wishing to utilise the portal will need to register or re-register for eSmart Schools, as we have moved to a new system.

To register:

  1. Decide who will be your school's eContact. This person will be responsible for your school's portal access and plan. If this is not you, please ask the suitable staff member to register your school.
  2. Go to the eSmart Schools portal and click 'Register'.
  3. Select your school.
  4. Fill out the required information for your designated eContact.
  5. Confirm your account registration.

At this point, you will be able to access the eSmart Schools Portal and begin your journey.

Based in Victoria but not appearing on the registration list?

Your school may already have been registered by another staff member. Contact us and our support team will help you.

Individual teacher wanting access to improve your classroom practice?

Encourage your school leadership to register for eSmart Schools and provide you with access. You can find the resources to support your teaching, including a self-managed individual plan for Unit 2: Positive Digital Practices.

Information for schools outside of Victoria

While access to our eSmart Schools portal is currently limited to Victorian schools, to support your students through the 2024 school year, we have two engaging products that will be available free of charge to all Australian schools, a third product is being developed.

eSmart Media Literacy Lab: An innovative and accessible learning tool using gamification principles to engage enquiring minds. It helps to equip students, aged 12-16, with essential knowledge and skills to support critical thinking and civic participation in today’s digital age.

eSmart Digital Licence+: An online learning experience that helps build digital intelligence in students aged 10-14 years, giving them the knowledge and skills they need to harness the opportunities, as well as deal with the challenges of the digital world.

Coming soon: A new digital learning product to equip students in the lower primary years with age-appropriate foundational digital and media literacy skills.

Click on the above links to find out more about these products, including how you can implement them in your school.

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