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TraCS is a trauma-informed, relationship-based program that provides support for educators working with children in early education settings and schools who have been affected by trauma. The support educators receive through TraCS builds their capacity to promote trauma-informed relationships and environments.

The TraCS program philosophy is based on a trauma Informed, relationship-based practice. This is a multi-dimensional practice framework that draws upon the interconnected theories of trauma, attachment and child development and recognises that an individual and their behaviour is best understood in the context of their experiences, relationships and environment.

TraCS Consultants work with educators across time to leverage their expertise in child development and pedagogy and support them to apply a trauma lens to understand the drivers of challenging behaviours.

TraCS Consultants understand the challenges, complexities and responsibilities that come with educating and caring for children and young people who have experienced trauma.

Community of Practice (COP)

Our TraCS Communities of Practice may be an option for your service if you are interested in working with colleagues from within your service, school or across the broader early years sector.

Our CoP is designed to share knowledge and experiences and reflect on the benefits of a trauma informed program. Our CoP is designed to include initial training as a group, followed by monthly sharing of case presentations and discussion regarding practice themes. Each participating centre receives a three hour follow up on-site visit throughout the year.

Our CoP requires participation from a minimum of eight services with two key representatives from each service and requires a time commitment across 4 terms.

To find out how you can access TraCS within your early learning centre, contact [email protected] or 03 9697 0619

Real Stories

Eli will often now smile at Jenny and has made friends with another little boy who shares his interest in dinosaurs. And instead of sitting alone, Eli will come and sit on the mat with other children for song time!

Trauma was putting a strong future out of reach for Eli

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