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The safety of children and young people is why we are here.

Our advocacy work speaks out for and with children and young people. We fight for their right to be free from bullying, violence and trauma, so their future is strong.

It drives our mission to see all jurisdictions compliant with the Australian National Firearms Agreement through the Australian Gun Safety Alliance. It sees us work closely with school communities, governments and industry to make online spaces and devices used by children and young people safe. And it means advocating for children to be formally recognised as victims of crime.

It’s their right. And our ongoing mission to make it happen.

At the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, we also believe that we are stronger together. This is why we work in partnership with Government, industry and other community organisations to amplify the reach, scale and impact of our programs.

Over the next four years, we will advocate to ensure:

  • children and young people are included in the decisions that affect their futures
  • the technology sector and governments to make online spaces safe for children and young people
  • children are recognised as Victims of Crime and that their needs are enshrined in policy, service design, and resourcing
  • no jurisdiction weakens its position on gun safety, through our work through the Australian Gun Safety Alliance.

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