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National eSmart Week is back again, for the biggest and best year yet in 2023.  

Featuring the theme “Be your best self online”, this year’s event invites children and young people to explore what it means to be a positive digital citizen.

This week-long event is a celebration of all the incredible work that our eSmart schools and libraries across the country are doing to promote positive digital citizenship. This event provides a chance for teachers, library staff, parents, and students alike to develop new and important skills.

eSmart Week 2023 will feature a calendar of virtual events, and all registrants will receive an eBook containing in-class activities and resources. The week will also feature a free in-person eSmart teacher forum in Melbourne, on 26 May.

The free eSmart eBook will be sent to all registered participants via email on 1 May, to ensure you have time to plan your week and get your students excited for National eSmart Week 2023.

Across the week students will be encouraged to explore topics such as: 

  • What you can do and say to be positive online 
  • How algorithms, echo chambers and customised messaging impact our view of the world 
  • How to use technology purposefully  
  • How to use your agency to influence change in the online environment  

Sign up for National eSmart Week

National eSmart Week 2023 will be held from Monday 22 May – Sunday 28 May.

National eSmart Week resources

You can find a range of online resources, including an eBook, social media tiles and posters, to celebrate National eSmart Week. These resources will help your organisation showcase all the incredible work you are doing to promote positive digital citizenship.

National eSmart Week Teacher Forum

Join us at our free National eSmart Week Teacher Forum on Friday 26 May at the Melbourne Sports Centre in Parkville, Victoria.

Individual workshop bookings

Once you've signed up for National eSmart Week, explore our free online workshops available throughout the week for teachers, students and parents: