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Our Early Years TraCS program is made up of four packages that are each designed to provide collaborative and context-specific support.

TraCS Consulting Package

25 contact hours of consultation
  • Meeting with educators and service leadership to understand the context and learning philosophy of the service
  • In-room and in-service reflective practice
  • In-service coaching for educators
  • Out-of-session support and phone consultations
7 additional planning hours

To enable our consultant to develop and tailor a program based on the needs assessment.

Reflective Practice Training Package

1 x pre-training session

One pre-training in-room and in-service observation and assessment session by our consultant to develop a needs-based, individualised training program.

5 x 1.5 hour training and reflective practices sessions.

The training is designed to be delivered with fortnightly breaks between sessions to consolidate knowledge and practice (however, services can choose the cadence that best works for their service, educators and children).

Blended model of delivery and online/virtual training available.

Communities of Practice Package

12 month program
Initial service visit to undertake needs assessment and in-room/service observations
Monthly facilitated group training and reflective practice sessions (delivered virtually). 
Collaborative discussions with similar services facing similar issues, sharing of best practice approaches, practice wisdom and collective problem-solving. 
Minimum of five services required for a Community of Practice (can be delivered to one large service or to several individual kindergartens). 

Co-location Package

A dedicated TraCS consultant/s co-located at your service
Intensive and responsive support for your educators and service  
  • Initial needs assessment and tailored training
  • In-room coaching and feedback
  • Ongoing tailored training and reflective practice
  • Collaborative and relational support
Tailored approach based on a deep understanding of your service, educators, children and families. 

Costs and inclusions

Packages start at $5,000 and all package options can be further tailored and customised to meet your service's needs and budget. Travel and accommodation are costed separately depending on your location.

Implementation considerations

Target population:
Early years staff working with children aged three to five.
Program adaptability:
TraCS has been designed to be customised to the needs of each Service within a framework of relational support.  There is capacity within each Package for elements to be delivered virtually/online via MS Teams or Zoom (to help reduce the cost of travel to your Service). Access to devices/computers to participate virtually will be required. 
It may be beneficial for Educators to be released occasionally from their contact duties to consult with a TraCS practitioner. Services should therefore consider the cost of backfill when determining the cost of accessing this resource.  

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