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Riverbank Public School in NSW has taken a significant step towards fostering a safe and responsible digital environment for its students by engaging in the Alannah & Madeline Foundation's eSmart Digital Licence+ (DL+) program.

The eSmart Digital Licence+ program, developed by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation in partnership with global technology leader Accenture, equips schools with essential tools and resources to educate students about online safety, digital citizenship, and media literacy. Riverbank Public School's commitment to digital literacy reflects its dedication to ensuring the wellbeing and safety of its students in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

In 2022, the Federal Government committed $6 million to the Alannah & Madeline Foundation to make the Digital Licence+ and Media Literacy Lab programs available free of charge to all Australian schools. This significant investment underscores the government's recognition of the importance of empowering students with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the digital world responsibly.

  • The eSmart Digital Licence+ is for students aged 10 to 14 to learn essential digital literacy skills to thrive in an online world.
  • The eSmart Media Literacy Lab is designed for secondary school students aged 12 to 16 to help support the development of critical thinking skills and online civic engagement.

March 18-24 is National eSmart Week and to mark this online safety education week, the Federal Minister for Communications, the Hon Michelle Rowland MP, visited Riverbank Public School to see teachers and students engaging with the Digital Licence+ program.

“Over 50,000 Australian school students have already accessed the Digital License+ program and new schools are registering every week.

“This is fantastic news for those students because digital and media literacy are critical areas of learning in the modern world. The Government’s investment will help Australian children to think critically about what they see and do online, stay safe, and become empowered and positive digital citizens.

“I encourage all teachers and school leaders to contact the Alannah & Madeline Foundation to access these helpful resources which are easy to apply and are aligned to the Australian curriculum.”

Riverbank Public School's involvement in the eSmart Digital Licence+ program aligns with the school's commitment to providing a comprehensive education that prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

“Building positive digital citizenship in children is vital in our increasingly online world. We welcome the opportunity to support the digital literacy of our year 6 students through the eSmart program, as well as contributing to shining a light on this important issue”, said Jeanie Brown, Principal at Riverbank Public School.

With the Federal Government's commitment to providing free access to the curriculum-aligned eSmart Digital Licence+ and Media Literacy Lab programs for all Australian schools, educators nationwide can look forward to enhancing their students' digital literacy capabilities, promoting responsible online behaviour, and creating a safer digital space for all.

Learn more about Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s eSmart programs here and read more about the federal government funding here.

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