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A Trauma Lens Across Schools

Through our Trauma Consultancy Service in schools (P-12), we support and assist teachers to identify, understand and respond to the impact of trauma on the whole child in a way that recognises the important role of secure and positive relationships in the developing needs of children and young people.

Our aim is to increase the students’ experience of physical and emotional safety, both within the school environment and the relationships around them, in order to optimise opportunities for learning.

Our consultants understand the challenges, complexities and responsibilities that come with educating and caring for children and young people who have experienced trauma.

We believe that the relationship between teacher and child or young person plays a crucial role in contributing not only to the young person’s educational, social and emotional development, but additionally their wellbeing.

Across the service period, consultants support educators to reflect upon, analyse and evaluate observations, experiences and behaviours to inform practice and interventions with children.

Our Trauma Consultancy Service in Schools can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual school to ensure that we can deliver the best outcomes for each school community.

Additionally, our Trauma Consultancy Service in Schools can be adapted to service three to six schools in a Community of Practice. This Community of Practice can be a focus on support for Wellbeing Staff members, or a support for nominated teachers across a group of schools. The CoP is designed to share knowledge and experiences and reflect on the benefits of a trauma informed program. Our CoP is designed to include initial training as a group, followed by monthly sharing of case presentations and discussion regarding practice themes.


By working closely with schools across time, the program:

  • helps teachers understand challenging behaviours through a ‘trauma lens’
  • builds the capability of teachers to respond appropriately to challenging behaviours
  • enables teachers to foster trauma-sensitive learning environments
  • Provides short-term case management support including facilitating referrals to address the wellbeing needs of young people and families.

Our Trauma Consultancy Service in Schools builds a relationship within schools allowing consultants to develop a strong, productive partnership with educators and school support systems to assist in developing strategies which promote connection and defuse conflict.

Our consultant will deliver the Trauma Informed Consultancy Service to help primary and secondary school staff understand students with challenging behaviour affected by trauma and vulnerability.

How to access:

Accessing the Trauma Consultancy Service for Schools through Schools Mental Health Menu

The Schools Mental Health Menu is designed to give schools evidence-based, informed choices on how to spend their funding on programs and interventions that will improve student health and wellbeing outcomes.

The TraCS Consultants will deliver 50 hours of consultancy which can include the following components, as agreed:

  • Planning session/s with school leadership and other key stakeholders to identify priority needs
  • Delivery of training and workshop/s
  • Reflective practice session/s to support teachers and staff in understanding the impact of trauma and vulnerability on practice
  • Follow-up case consultation and support session/s
  • Community of Practice opportunity to share teacher experiences and practice wisdom from within one school or across the sector.

Multiple packages may be purchased and are recommended for schools with complex needs or student populations greater than 500.

To find out how you can implement the Trauma Consultancy Service within your school, contact atlas or 03 9697 0619