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The Richmond Football Club have been supporting children and young people to live happy, safe and strong since first partnering with us in 2012. Over this time, the Club and its supporters, the dedicated and determined Tiger Army have donated close to $1.7M to support the work of the Foundation, enabling us to continue our work in fighting for the right of children and young people to be safe.

Membership and merchandise that mean much more…

Special Alannah & Madeline Foundation memberships are available to Richmond fans, where 100% of the profit from memberships is donated to the Foundation.

In 2022 more than 2,500 memberships were purchased by members of the Tiger Army. Furthermore, 5% of all Roar Store proceeds annually are donated to the Foundation, enabling the Tiger Army to truly wear their support with pride.

Richmond & The Foundation across the year

The annual Richmond charity match event is a highlight on the calendar for the Foundation, and every year it is a delight to see the Tiger Army dig deep to get behind our cause, always raising incredible funds that enable us to continue our work. In addition to this, Richmond joined us for our inaugural Alannah & Madeline Day campaign in 2022.  

Hands-on support from the team and staff

Throughout the year, we’re lucky enough to be joined by staff and players from Richmond at Buddy Bags HQ where they roll up their sleeves for a day of hard (but fun) work to pack Buddy Bags for children and young people experience crisis, trauma or doing it tough in emergency care. Each Buddy Bag packing day involves packing up to 600 Buddy Bags, each bag going on to have an important impact on a young person’s life.

Our 10+ year partnership with Richmond Football Club

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